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Marilyn Hirsekorn 

Her love of nature led to studies at the University of British Columbia in Zoology and Botany. At midlife, Marilyn sought to provide meaningful community service. After schooling and certification in 1989, she commenced her electrolysis studio work. Also, stuck in the quagmire of chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia, she sought help from Doctors and Naturopaths, then from a Grand Master of Qi Gong, and finally from a homeopath. As she regained her health and energy, she went from evening classes in homeopathy to the full time program at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. Ever curious about the modalities of the human body, Marilyn went to study the Body Alignment Technique, Bowen Therapy, and German New Medicine, giving her a very thorough sense of the innate healing programs within. 

Marilyn continues to provide very effective Electrolysis services, and when requested, her wide range of Alternative Health Skills and guidance to assist clients with their personal health issues.

R.E. | C.P.E | C.C.E

Clients are assured a high standard for safe and effective care from a certified and registered Electrolysis with many years of practical experience. The name Elegant Touch conveys Marilyn's goals for clients; during and after every session. Adhering to the highest standard of conduct, her approach is gentle and efficient, safely and respectively striving to resolve her clients' electrolysis wishes. 

Marilyn studied at the Canadian Electrolysis College, and in 1989, passed both the practical and theoretical examinations before the board of examiners at The Association of professional Electrologists of B.C., T.A.P.E. B.C. She is also a Certified Member of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Association (FCEA).

In feb 2002 Marilyn pursued advanced training in Telangiectasia for the removal of vascular blemishes (Telangiectasia) using Thermolysis or blend Modalities.

Z. Gazdik, Surrey

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HomeoPath, RCSHom Designation

Having overcome health challenges through alternative health care, Marilyn practices & promotes holistic awareness and education with clients who seeks health improvements and different perspectives on health issues.

In 1989, Marilyn completed her studies at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, attaining the Homeopath, RCSHom designation. She has since been practicing and has been an active member of the West Coast Homeopathic Society (WCHS), as well as the Canadian Society of Homeopaths (CHS). Certification is maintained through annual refresher and upgrade courses. 


In 2001 Marilyn continued to develop her skills and passion through further education in Qi Gong, with Qi Gong Master Peng in North Vancouver. She then acquired the Body Alignment Techniques, taught in Vancouver and in Boulder, Co. Then, came training the Bowen and Neuro-Structural Techniques (NST). Finally, and of great interest are the perspectives on di-sease provided by the contemporary German New Medicine teachings. Marilyn's most recent upgrading was in the realm of advanced Homeopathy, as well as advanced NST. She studied directly with the Australian originators of these two specialty practices during her Australia tour in October of 2017.

Homeopathy Diploma.jpg
Author, Pictographica Homeopathica

Pictographica Homeopathica, is a collection of learning tools, including pictographs, photos, colours, sketches, humour and mnemonics, to help express the personalities and keynotes of select homeopathic remedies. The multi-dimensional reference aids student and practicing Homeopaths to remember, ingest and integrate massive amounts of remedy information from the Homeopathic Materia Medica.

During Marilyn's Homeopathy studies in 1989, she began developing a visual tool to help her the vast array of remedies. It worked! Then, a fourth year academy project took on an exhilarating life on its own as penciled scribble-art emerged from the pages of her remedy notes. Pictographica Homeopathica is the resulting Study Guide to Homeopathic Remedies. This book is a dynamic multi-dimensional reference and learning tool designed to simplify the process of remembering vast amounts of information for students and practitioners of Homeopathy. Experts in the filed of botany and reptiles were consulted for the accuracy of the pictures. For each remedy, a colourful page displays the homeopathic remedy source;  a mnemonic tweaks the retention of remedy information and the humorous stick people (pictographs) give the retention an action oriented visual display of the character of the remedy. This study guide is for students of Homeopathy and seeks to represent each remedy through several senses in order to optimize mental integration of the many remedy dimensions. The quandary of how to pictorially present a particular pose was time consuming and occasionally fraught with laughter. This method helped her "live' the remedy". The mnemonic pages are useful tools in recalling some remedy keynotes. For example, in the jargon of a Homeopath, Arsenicum Album corresponds to anxious, restless, chilly, and burning pains. This kind of quick symptom recall has proved most valuable.

Pictographica Homeopathica is available for purchase.

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Book Reviews

Dear Marilyn,
I recently bought your excellent Pictographica Homeopathica book.  It's great for studying homeopathic remedies, especially your stick figure diagrams! 


Marilyn Hirsekorn